I am Gaetano Orlando, a direct, precise and determined person.
I started working when I was young to pay for my studies working on Costa Crociere.
I moved to Brianza where I started my career in banqueting specalizing in weddings.
After twenty years I still have the enthusiasm to create personalized menus for newlyweds to make their special day happy and relaxed.

My cooking philosophy is simple and creative.

I love to elaborate and personalize the recipies, keeping the original taste and structure of the dish.
For this reason it is fundamental for me the good quality of the products.
I like to create healthy dishes: in my kitchen white garlic, white onion and stock cubes are banned; I use dried fruit, citrus fruit, herbs and aromatic spices to reduce the usage of salt. I completely agree with the KM0 philosophy and avoid waste.

My motto?
Everyone can learn to cook but not everyone learns to respect food.

I love contact with people and the fact that they get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the cuisine.
For this reason for many years I have been doing cooking courses, consultation services and motivational courses for restaurants.



In the various meetings in which we define every detail, you will transfer your emotions, you will explain your tastes and wishes allowing me to be part of your projects, with a lot of responsability but also a lot of satisfaction!
I love including a dish from your past, which might be a dinner with relatives, the aroma of a dish made by your grandmother or what you ate on your first date.
It is also important for me to propose products from your local area or some detail that reminds you of your origins!
Now I will explain…….


The first spark

Call to fix an appointment to get to know us and choose your wedding experience: we will show you our propositions and all that we can create together. At this moment I will show you photographs of my dishes and give you some suggestions.

The second spark

After you have booked we will make an appointment to construct your exclusive menu, personalizing in every detail. Once the menu is defined, we will decide the date for the menu tasting exclusively for you. I will be there and guide you all the way.

The third spark

We will meet in our restaurant together with our dining room manager beginning your journey with my kitchen where every dish will be photographed and filed to guarantee everything will be perfect for your wedding. We will talk about you but also your guests, eventual allergies and intollerances, special choices , children’s menu and the staff.

The flame

The big day arrives. After months of preparations you can be sure to count on our professionalism because we have built and constructed this day together!