The Madonnina EvenTeam is a close-knit group, like a family! They say ‘the only way to do a good job is to love what you are doing’ and it is from the love for our profession that comes our attention to detail and the friendly personal atmosphere that will accompany you from the first meeting to the day of the event.
Every year more couples choose the warmth of our welcome, excellent quality and reliability of the Madonnina EvenTeam. For us it is an honour to work with you, take care of you and even spoil you a bit: we would like you to feel at home and we will try to satisfy every wish.

Who we are

We are professionals and for many years we have organized weddings and events working in various locations, each one with its own character, to satisfy your every wish.

Ambrogio Gilardoni

General Manager

Taste, hospitality and nature: with three words I can summarize our philosophy. Thirty years of experience, professionality and passion are the fundamentals that allow us to offer our clients a quality and refined service adapted to any event. What you will find is the result of many years of work and refinement. The Madonnina EvenTeam was created by searching for the best, to be able to offer our clients a unique and unforgettable experience.

Monica Sormani

EvenTeam Manager

Over many years of experience, I have realized that, to make your wedding unique and unforgettable, what makes the difference is the Team: a capable and professional team, helpful and with attention to detail. For this reason we have decided to create the Madonnina EvenTeam. My role is to co-ordinate the group, organizing the chosen formats and assuring that every couple is taken care of and followed with the maximun efficiency. I take care of the Team, in fact I often organize experiences of team building because I strongly believe in group working and sinergy, two characteristics that I consider fundamental to guarantee a quality service.


Debora Sormani

Responsabile for the Tenuta la Madonnina

I love what I do because it makes people happy and I make their dreams come true, I organize everything they wish for on the most important day of their life. I am grateful everyday to be able to do it at la Madonnina, because for me it is like my home and an explosion of emotions, and the view of the lake and the Grigna gives me a sense of freedom and peace.

Serena Colavita

Event co-ordinator

‘ Stay serene with Serena’ My newlyweds say this and for me it is a great satisfaction. I have had the pleasure of organizing weddings for Italian couples and also foreign couples, anniversaries, parties: over twenty years experience in this sector. Even so, when the big day arrives, I still get emotional and possibly for this reason, my emotions together with my smile makes me a part of your special moments. As event co-ordinater I will take care of your wedding to make sure everything is organized as you wish; you can count on my experience for: co-ordinating images, the preparation, the timing and supervising the organization.


Gaetano Orlando

Executive Chef

I have been in the wedding sector for twenty years and I still have enthusiasm to create personalized menus for the newlyweds to make sure they are happy and relaxed on the most important day of their life. The philosophy of the Madonnina EvenTeam kitchen is simple and original. We support KM0 and avoid waste, we believe in refinement and attention to detail with every dish. We are here to satisfy your tastes and wishes. We can’t wait to meet you and to create a menu exclusively for you.

Salem Hamd

Chef of the Tenuta la Madonnina

I have worked for the team Ambrogio since I arrived in Italy. I like to contribute, above all when there is a wedding with a non- european menu. It is a very friendly group, for me it is like a family, that always tries to do better.


Filippo Masciadri


I decided to frequent the Istituto Alberghiero because when I was young I helped my grandmother to cook and I loved it and my passion started from there. When I am in the kitchen time stops and I love how from small things you can create big things. The kitchen transmits tranquility and serenity! The kitchen for me is a home. I like working with this team because it is a sunny atmosphere where problems are solved and not created. It is my second family.

Armando Pontone


The group think I am the nicest one. I like to create a friendly rapport with everyone, above all with the newlyweds and the guests to make them feel relaxed on their special day. My motto is ‘ relax, I will take care of everything’ a nice way to say that you can find a solution to any problem! It is important to do it with a smile.


Nadia Besana


I have worked by Ambrogio’s side for thirty years, responsable for the dining room and I accompany the newlyweds and the guests in the tasting of the menu on the wedding day. My role is to satisfy the needs and desires of every guest including for example allergies and intollerances.

Claudia Girola e Giorgia De Donno

Event planner

Recently in the great family of Madonnina, we will take care of the preparations and care on the wedding day. We know perfectly well how much the bride and groom care about details, and how important it is for them to create a unique and unforgettable event. We are ready to follow couples in everything they want to do that day, to be a point of reference in one of the best moments of their life.